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February 2018

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Plan Your Pool Project?

2 years ago 677 Views

Colder weather makes most of us North Carolinians wishing for warmer weather. Day-dreaming of summer gatherings with friends and family, lighting up the grill and cooking hamburgers and hot dogs while the kids play in the pool. Is your backyard ready for the summer fun?

Stop day-dreaming about your perfect outdoor oasis and start a plan for your pool installation today. The best time to start your pool project is between December and March. That way you'll be swimming by the Spring!

Most people don't start thinking about their summer plans until the spring but we at Choice Pool and Spa believe there may be a few factors you should consider before it's too late.

The Installation of your pool requires lots of planning including permits, contractors and design details to make sure we give you exactly what you are looking for. Although the pool construction itself only takes about a week, the planning can take up to 3 months prior to the installation.

Positives to starting your pool project now:

1. Your pool will be ready by spring!

2. Spring is the perfect time for landscaping around your beautiful new in-ground pool.

3. Since it's cold outside and you won't be spending as much time in your yard, it's the perfect time to have some construction going on without interrupting your fun in the sun!

4. Who doesn't love the gift of a new pool for the holidays?! It's fun for the whole family!

Call our professionals at Choice Pool and Spa to help you choose the best investment for your home TODAY!