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March 2018

Fiberglass Pools vs. Vinyl Pools

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You’ve decided to install a brand new in-ground swimming pool!The days of relaxation with family and friends poolside are near.However, there is a pretty big decision that you need to make before letting your mind float away into the deep end.Fiberglass or vinyl. The type of pool you decided to install will determine quite a few aspects of your pool, such as size, shape and materials.You can start by asking yourself how much you’re going to use your pool, how much time you want to spend on preventative maintenance and how much money you want to invest.To make the best decision for your pool, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both fiberglass and vinyl pools.

Fiberglass Pools


One of the first things to consider when installing a pool is maintenance.Pool owners typically want a pool that requires little maintenance, with few long-term repairs.Fiberglass pools meet this need better than any other pool type.The gel layer of a fiberglass pool does not alter the chemical balance of the water and resists the growth of algae, reducing the amount of time required to clean your pool.You will never scrape your skin or pick your bathing suit if you rub up to the fiberglass pool walls.Unlike a vinyl pool, the lifetime maintenance expenses of a fiberglass pool are usually much less.You will never worry about having to replace the lining of your pool, which is a significant expense when owning a vinyl pool.

Fiberglass pools are available in a variety of sizes, depths and beautiful shapes. But with new mold innovations, colored finishes, and cantilevered concrete; fiberglass pools have come to rival the aesthetics of concrete pools.Most fiberglass pools come with seats and steps molded into the shell avoiding any additional costs for design elements of your pool.Fiberglass pool shells are built in a factory from an existing mold which allows for greater quality control.Once ordered, they are delivered to your home and can be installed much quicker than vinyl pools.

Because of their low lifetime maintenance costs and incredible longevity, fiberglass pools will often appeal to home buyers when or if the time comes to sell your home.If you have the money to spend upfront, they make a great option.


For some customers, the initial price of a fiberglass pool can be a drawback.When comparing a fiberglass pool to a vinyl pool, there is going to be more of an initial investment.As mentioned earlier, fiberglass pools provide many design options but there are limitations to the size and depth.Fiberglass pools typically cannot be deeper than 8′ and no wider than 18′ due to the pool having to be built at a factory then shipped to your home on a truck.Overall, these disadvantages could be dismissed when looking at all of the advantages of a fiberglass pool.

Vinyl Pools


Vinyl pools typically have the lowest initial price compared to other types of in-ground swimming pools.This is an advantage that cannot be ignored.Unlike a fiberglass pool, vinyl liners can be customized into any shape or depth.Vinyl liners are placed over a steel or polymer frame offering a more customizable design.Just like fiberglass, vinyl is a non-porous surface, which inhibits algae growth and is smooth to the touch.The weekly maintenance is usually a little bit more than a fiberglass pool but still fairly low.


Having to eventually replace the liner is by far the biggest disadvantage of owning a vinyl pool.Although the structure of a vinyl pool will typically last over 35 years, the liner itself will have to be replaced on average every 8-12 years due to normal wear.Because of this shortened life-expectancy, you may not see a return on your investment if you decide to sell your home.You also have to exercise some caution when using your vinyl pool, especially for dog owners.While vinyl liners are 20 to 30 millimeters thick, vinyl is not as durable as fiberglass.If you don't treat your liner with care and respect, you could be looking at a big repair for avoidable tears.

Even though vinyl pools are more customizable than fiberglass pools, steps and benches are not included and may not match the liner as seamlessly.These may be additional costs to the project that you may have not considered when first initially looking at the price of a vinyl pool.Overall, the lifetime cost of maintaining a vinyl pool may end up being the same or more than owning a fiberglass pool.

While both have their advantages and disadvantages, the addition of a pool will provide a wonderful place for relaxation and entertainment.If you are having trouble deciding what type of pool to install, call us for your consultation TODAY at (919) 562- 6611 OR visit us at 10016 Capital Blvd. Wake Forest, NC 27587.

5 Easy Steps to Owning a Hot Tub and Spa

1 years ago 758 Views

5 Easy Steps to Owning a Hot Tub and Spa

Are you constantly stressed and need a place to relax? Do you have chronic pain or arthritis? What about trouble sleeping? If we said there was something out there that can help decrease these issues would you consider giving it a try?

Hot Tub and Spa additions to a home can be the perfect place for relaxation for yourself and your loved ones. At Choice Pool and Spa we have many size options that will accommodate your space available. Each Hot Tub and Spa comes standard with many massage options that will be therapeutic to many of your wants and needs.

Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking... How do I get started? How am I going to move this? How do I know how to make sure everything is working? We have you covered! Follow these five easy steps and you will be on the road to owning your very own Hot Tub and Spa.

#1- Decide your ideal location for your new Hot Tub or Swim Spa. This is important as we need to have accurate dimensions of the location you’d like to place it. A few pictures or a video works great! Hesitant on doing this yourself? We are happy to perform home site surveys to consider all factors before choosing your desired Spa model.

#2- Call to make an appointment with a sales representative. We encourage you to come by our showroom to see the full line of available spa models with all the color and feature options we have to offer. Once we decide on which one is best for you, we will order your custom model spa and then schedule a date to have the hot tub and spa delivered to your home once it arrives in our warehouse.

#3- Before the delivery date, we encourage you to line up the electrician you prefer to run the 220 electrical line if needed. Some of our spas will just plug in to a standard outlet. We have many licensed electricians we can refer or we can work with one you choose. The best part is, there is NO PLUMBING REQUIRED on a hot tub or swim spa! Just fill it with your garden hose.

#4- On the delivery day we will have the equipment to place your new hot tub and spa exactly where you want it. Once it is placed, we will install any options you choose and ensure everything is ready for your electrician.

#5- Time to fill it up!! Most spas will heat up within a few hours of filling and be ready for your first soak.

That’s IT! This process only takes about 4 weeks depending on your customizations. We handle all the hard work to ensure your quality assurance. After the installation, we are available 7 days a week for any questions or supplies. You will be our customer for a lifetime!

Call us and schedule your complimentary consultation TODAY at (919) 562- 6611 OR visit us at 10016 Capital Blvd. Wake Forest, NC 27587.